The legal profession is undergoing a seismic shift as generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) tools like ChatGPT go mainstream. From analyzing contracts to outlining trial strategies, generative AI is rapidly changing how lawyers service their clients. But what practical applications and ethical pitfalls should lawyers be prepared for?

At our upcoming Future Is Now: Legal Services conference, which will be held virtually on April 18, 2024, attendees will get a front-row seat to exploring generative AI’s impacts on legal services from two experts who use the tool in their practices: Trisha Rich and Damien Rhiel.

Trisha and Damien will teach attendees from all backgrounds—from BigLaw to solo practitioners—how generative AI can be used to increase attorney efficiency (potentially providing the opportunity to serve more clients), while adhering to the ethical responsibilities inherent to the practice of law.

Below is more information on their talks.

Practical Uses of Generative AI: How LLMs are Reshaping Legal Services

damien riehl future is now
Damien Riehl, Legal Technologist

Gone are the days when generative AI merely interpreted existing documents. Damien Riehl, a lawyer and technologist who develops products integrating AI to improve legal workflows, will delve into the practical applications of generative AI. This includes providing demonstrations on how large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT can be leveraged for legal tasks.

As a product designer, Damien will illustrate how generative AI can streamline tasks (such as pleading analysis and legal research), prepare legal marketing materials, draft correspondence, and enhance the quality of legal writing, among other uses.

As a lawyer, Damien will discuss the benefits of incorporating AI into legal practice, like expediting routine work and paving the way for enhanced efficiency, quality, and accessibility in legal services.

He will also explore the challenges and risks that come with using generative AI as an attorney, which requires careful navigation and ethical considerations.

Generative AI Ethical Imperatives: Charting a Responsible Course

trisha rich future is now
Trisha Rich, Legal Ethicist

While generative AI presents unprecedented opportunities for lawyers and law firms, it also creates ethical dilemmas, as evidenced by the errors and fabrications in legal documents and pleadings that we have seen in the news.

Trisha Rich, a prominent legal ethicist and partner at Holland & Knight, will provide a comprehensive overview of the ethical responsibilities lawyers and law firms should be aware of when using generative AI.

Trisha will examine key duties and risk areas attorneys, law firms, and legal organizations must address when employing AI, such as:

  • Client confidentiality
  • Supervision and training
  • Reasonable legal fees and transparency
  • Bias, fabrications, and candor to courts
  • Malpractice implications

Attendees will walk away better equipped to evaluate the risks and benefits of integrating AI into their organizations while upholding ethical standards and responsibilities.

An Opportunity to Ask Your Questions

The sessions from Damien and Trisha will be followed by a moderated town hall that will allow attendees to ask questions in real time.

Our chief counsel, Mark C. Palmer, who frequently writes and speaks on legal technology’s impact on our profession, will moderate.

The rapid evolution of AI shows no signs of slowing. The Future Is Now: Legal Services conference is a prime opportunity to explore the cutting-edge advancements shaping the future of legal services.

The Future is Now: Legal Services will be held virtually from 12 – 4:30 p.m. CDT on April 18, 2024. View the agenda and full speaker lineup here.

Registration is open, but space is limited!

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Attendees are eligible to receive 4.0 hours of professional responsibility CLE credit, including 1.0 hour of diversity and inclusion and 1.0 hour of mental health and substance abuse CLE credit.

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