London, UK – April 2, 2024 – AXIOMA, a well-known legal advisory and compliance management firm, has partnered with Shufti Pro, upgrading its service quality and becoming an official reseller. The partnership is set to revolutionize the Fintech industry through secure, AI-powered risk management and compliance procedures, with Shufti Pro’s KYB and KYC solutions at the forefront.  

AXIOMA is a legal consultation, assurance, risk, and compliance management firm that helps businesses achieve regulatory compliance. The company has rapidly expanded across the Caribbean region through its robust and future-forward solutions. Among commitment and continuous improvement, AXIOMA also focuses on collaboration as a core business value, partnering with valuable companies to pioneer its processes. Recently, the firm formed an alliance with Shufti Pro, integrating the latter’s smart solutions to improve the scope of its services.     

Stephen Geerman, MSc CIA – Managing Director and Founder of AXIOMA, said, “I am thrilled to announce our collaboration with Shufti Pro. This initiative is a significant milestone for us, aligning perfectly with our aim to deliver cutting-edge AI-driven onboarding, as well as AML, CFT, and fraud prevention throughout the Caribbean, ensuring our clients have access to the foremost tools to navigate the complexities of today’s business environment successfully.”

He added, “By integrating Shufti Pro’s innovative technology with our expertise and deep market insights, we are not just setting new standards of excellence but redefining the possibilities within our industry.”

Shufti Pro is an established identity verification solutions firm that leverages the power of AI to verify businesses and individuals across the regions. The company has been delivering cutting-edge KYB and KYC solutions in the Fintech industry, enhancing the security of transactions and onboarding for financial service businesses. 

“Integration of our services with AXIOMA marks an era of innovation for the financial consultation industry where companies can safeguard from identity theft and money laundering; a positive affirmation for our standard KYB and KYC solutions,” said Patrick Cox, CEO of Shufti Pro.

The multi-solution firm will now leverage Shufti Pro’s featured services, prominently KYB and KYC tools, to cater to its clients’ needs. This collaboration not only streamlines AXIOMA’s internal procedures but also significantly enhances its ability to maintain high regulatory standards. Moving forward, the company is all set to offer AI-driven seamless onboarding, AML, risk assessment, CFT (Counter Financing of Terrorism), and fraud prevention experience that meets the highest standards of accuracy and security, saving billions through compliance management. 


AXIOMA is a financial consultation, compliance assistance, and risk management firm that helps businesses comply with legal regulations. Founded by Mr. Stephen Geerman in 2022, the company has established itself across Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten, and Suriname as a comprehensive solution provider for risk management, operational compliance, and legal regulations and consultation. The multidisciplinary team of experts at AXIOMA delivers client-focused services, leveraging technology and professional expertise to ensure regulatory compliance across industries.  

About Shufti Pro 

Shufti Pro helps businesses verify identities, documents, and accounts through robust KYC, KYI, KYB, and AML solutions. The company’s 17+ IDV solutions are trusted worldwide by 1000+ businesses belonging to industries varying from finance and crypto to insurance and e-commerce. Shufti Pro extends document verification in 150+ languages, with the ability to validate 10,000+ IDs in 240+ countries and territories.  

Adopting AI-focused automation and the latest technological tools, Shufti Pro secures business processes like client onboarding, account opening, and digitization through award-winning IDV services with an accuracy of up to 99%. 

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