In the modern legal profession, technology and innovation are not just buzzwords but essential concepts and tools reshaping the way legal services are delivered. As these changes accelerate, the distinction between legal tech and legal innovation becomes more pertinent, offering a deeper understanding of how technology can enhance legal practice. A recent episode of the Technically Legal Podcast featured Colin Levy, author of “The Legal Tech Ecosystem,” offers valuable insights into this discussion.


Colin’s journey into legal tech began as a paralegal at a large law firm in New York, where his fascination with technology’s potential to streamline legal processes took root. Opting for a year’s work before law school, Colin’s path eventually led him to law school,  a stint with an in-house legal department and, most notably, to his current role as the Director of Legal at contract lifecycle management company Malbek.


In discussing his book, “The Legal Tech Ecosystem,” Colin provides an accessible introduction to the world of legal tech. He draws on his experiences and interactions with other leaders in the field to demystify legal technology and highlight its practical benefits. The book emphasizes the importance of understanding data, being open to risk and experimentation, and knowing why legal tech matters to you.


Legal tech, as Colin points out, extends beyond sophisticated AI and robotics; it includes simpler, yet impactful tools like billing software. The ultimate goal is to make legal work more efficient, productive, and less burdensome for professionals. This clarification is crucial in distinguishing between legal tech and legal innovation. While legal tech encompasses the tools and software developed to address specific legal tasks, legal innovation involves a broader approach, encompassing new ways of thinking, business models, and methodologies that fundamentally change how legal services are conceived and delivered.


For legal professionals and firms, the journey towards integrating technology and fostering innovation is not without its challenges. It requires a mindset shift, willingness to experiment, and a strategic approach to technology adoption. However, the insights shared by leaders like Levy illuminate the path forward, highlighting the vast potential of legal tech and innovation to transform the legal landscape for the better.


To learn more about Colin Levy’s journey and insights into legal tech listen to the whole episode here.