Access to Justice

In the UK

The Government has announced a new definition of extremism. Michael Gove, communities secretary, told ministers on Thursday that they should not interact with any groups labelled as extremist or that do not maintain ‘public confidence in government’. While the former definition encompassed ‘vocal or active opposition’, the new definition refers to the

ChatGTP holds excellent potential for increasing access to justice and the legal system.

When I asked ChatGTP 3.5 what its impact on the delivery of legal services and legal access, it reported:

“Access to justice: ChatGTP can improve access to justice by making legal information more accessible to the general public. By providing information on

What is artificial intelligence? Why should it matter in the legal community? I know you’re probably thinking that artificial intelligence has nothing to do with the law. I once thought this too, but believe it or not the legal landscape is changing. With the help of artificial intelligence, lawyers can deliver better legal services. So,