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On April 11, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published comprehensive guidance to address the growing incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in legal practices, especially concerning patent and trademark applications. Let’s dive into the critical aspects of this…
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Randal J. Brotherhood
It is beyond dispute that artificial intelligence (“AI”) is prompting technological innovation in many areas of commerce and life in ways that, until recently, could only be considered unimaginable. AI has rapidly advanced from traditional AI systems that rely on explicit human-created programming rules–for example, binary statements that guide a system’s decisions

When I think of Switzerland, I think about the country’s famous mountains, chocolates, clocks, cheese, and banks. But I don’t think about electronic filing. And it turns out that is partly because many litigators there do not use the country’s electronic filing system and, instead, file papers in hard copy. This is just one of