By Janelle M. Lewis, Attorney & Business Strategist

The Concept of AI Governance

AI governance refers to a comprehensive framework of policies, laws, and guidelines that regulate the development, deployment, and utilization of artificial intelligence technologies. Its primary objective is to promote responsible and ethical practices in AI. The key areas that AI governance focuses

By Janelle M. Lewis, Attorney & Business Strategy

EBIA: Brazilian National Strategy for AI

The Brazilian Intelligence Strategy, also known as EBIA, aims to guide the Brazilian government’s actions in research, innovation, and the development of AI solutions. It promotes the conscious and ethical use of AI systems, which consist of sensors, operational logic, and

Tune into your favorite news network these days and there’s a lot of speculation on how the United States and its allies (mainly the European Union and the United Kingdom) may respond to a Russian military invasion of Ukraine, especially with coordinated economic sanctions and export controls. However, it is still possible to sift through