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About the author: Javed Qadrud-Din is a machine learning engineer at Casetext. He holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Prior to joining Casetext, he worked for two years as a corporate attorney for startup companies at Fenwick & West LLP, and for three years as an engineer and product manager in IBM’s Watson Group,

Reinventing LegalTech Adoption — The MenuBy Tamir Samman, Director of Customer Success, CasetextYour firm selects a technology which addresses its business and attorney needs. The vendor requests a list including the full names, email addresses, offices and positions of the firm’s end-users and subsequently issues passwords. Several launch presentations are then scheduled, and the vendor provides their readily available

Carolyn Elefant has her finger on the pulse of small law legal practice. Aside from authoring the popular blog for solo and small firm lawyers MyShingle, she is herself a solo practitioner. Carolyn has always been a step ahead when it comes to legal practice — she hand-coded her own law firm website in 1995, and became

AI-based legal research platform significantly expands legal databases, launches negative treatment citatorSAN FRANCISCO, JULY 18, 2018 — With legacy research products, small law firms are often unable to access the full suite of services provided by a digital platform because of the excessive cost — but as of today, they no longer need to make this trade-off. Casetext today