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Q. Is it ethical for lawyers to use artificial intelligence to write briefs, draft legal instruments or provide other services?

GPT: While there isn’t a clear-cut answer, it’s not inherently unethical for an attorney to use artificial intelligence. However, attorneys must still fulfill their ethical obligations, including competence, supervision, confidentiality, and avoiding the unauthorized practice

Q. To err may be human, but is it a bigger mistake for lawyers to rely on artificial intelligence?

A. Not according to my know-it-all friend, who thinks artificial intelligence is far superior to that of an attorney. (I’d hate to embarrass him, so I’ll just use initials.)When I lamented the complexity of many legal doctrines, G.P.T.

Q. As if I don’t have enough to do, my insurance agent thinks I should get a “risk management audit” of my law firm. Is this really necessary?

A. It’s not necessary at all. Nor is professional growth, job satisfaction, or passion for the practice of law.Although enduring an “audit” evokes images of stressful meetings with intimidating IRS