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2021년 새해를 맞고 처음으로 인사드립니다!

코로나19 때문에 직접 만나뵙고 인사를 드리지 못해서 아쉬움이 큽니다. 하지만 저희 Legal Hackers Seoul은 온라인 밋업을 통해서 법무법인 태평양 이상직 변호사님과 함께 “AI 관련 법리 쟁점과 과제 그리고 ‘이루다’ 사건으로 보는 AI 윤리철학”이라는 주제로 2021년 첫 밋업을 개최할 예정입니다.

대통령 소속 국가지식재산위원회의 ‘인공지능-지식재산 특변 전문위원회’의 위원장으로 활동하고 계시는 이상직 변호사님을

Coding for Lawyers
When? 10th December 2019
Where? EY Premises, 8B, Chimarras St 151 25 Maroussi Athens.

If you are one of the new age Lawyers and you are interested in learning Python, you are welcomed to participate in our workshop. If you wish to explore the areas of information security, hacking, artificial intelligence and

Businesses invest billions of dollars into artificial intelligence (AI) development, which has caused relevant government institutions and private companies to advance research into AI strategies. AI is slowly entering into human’s everyday life and is expected to transform the way we live now. Let’s explore in more detail the current status of AI and the

When? Who? What? Where?
On Tuesday 28 May 2019, Ms. Nathalie Smuha, addresses the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence and ethics at Digityser in Brussels.
The EU High-level Expert Group
Ms. Smuha is a.o. closely involved in the work of the EU high-level expert group on AI which in April 2019 has delivered a first part