August 2020

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In August, while many people take holidays and time to disconnect, the research agenda doesn’t stop. Despite the heat, white papers, work papers, and research reports have continued rolling.

In the tech ecosystem, high-quality content abounds. There is always research that you don’t want to miss, and our team has picked the best releases of August.

Here we’ve compiled our top recommendations:

1. Bank of International Settlements

Rise of the central bank digital currencies: drivers, approaches and technologies

This paper considers the data of central bank speeches, investigation, and design policies released by central banks worldwide to understand the state of issuance of CDBCs. How situations vary between economically stable and growing countries are also covered to give better context of the chances of these initiatives.

2. The Block & KPMG

A Global Look at Central Bank Digital Currencies | Full Research Report

A broad overview of CBDCs globally including lessons learned, motivations, early technical designs, and more. It analyses the current state of public disclosed CBDC proposals, including retail and wholesale CDBC applicability and implementations.

3. Bank of International Settlements

Regulating fintech financing: digital banks and fintech platforms

Based on the need to adapt and business models spurred by technological advancements, this paper explores how fintech is regulated and how the banks are adapting. Risks associated with the new technology-enabled business models are also covered as well as whether banks need to change existing frameworks.

4. Deloitte

Inclusive work: Marginalized populations in the workforce of the future Impact, challenges, and opportunities for empowerment

Post COVID-19 promises a different working environment, of which AI and Robotic advancements will play a vital role. This report explores this future and how previously overlooked marginalized populations, professionals, and talent will play a critical role. Detailed methods for creating opportunities, challenges, and “being the part” of the solution for better inclusion of marginalized populations in the future of work are also covered.

5. dGen

AI, Privacy, & Genomics: The Next Era of Drug Design

This report analyses recent developments in both privacy-first Artificial Intelligence (AI) and drug R&D. The combination of Machine Learning (ML) and genomics offer potential the changes we need, although some may be distant innovations. It includes predictions for the future of AI & Drug Design by 2030.

6. Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

The Digital Programmable Euro, Libra, and CBDC: Implications for European Banks

Faster technological development and adoption in finance disrupted and led to a new generation of business models and payment initiatives reliant on blockchain-based digital programmable money. This paper sheds light on the perception of these payment initiatives by interviewing experts while analyzing the Impact of digital programmable Euro initiatives, such as the Libra stablecoin, and CBDCs, on banks.

7. DBS Corporate Banking

Digital Currencies: Public and Private, Present and Future

This paper covers the current state and development of digital currencies, both public and private. Different cases, payment systems, and settlement systems are analysed, along with expert views.

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