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A New Orleans magician recently made headlines for using artificial intelligence (AI) to  emulate President Biden’s voice without his consent in a misleading robocall to New Hampshire voters. This was not a magic trick, but rather a demonstration of the risks AI-generated “deepfakes” pose to election integrity.  As rapidly evolving AI capabilities collide with the

Combat Hallucinations and Look Up Citations with our New API Michael Lissner April 16, 2024 One of the biggest recent stories in legal tech is about the lawyer that used ChatGPT to generate his brief. It didn’t go well. His brief contained citations that ChatGPT hallucinated, and when he asked ChatGPT whether it made things up, it insisted it

It’s an ad essentially but if you need an overview you might as well start here. Harvey AI is a generative artificial intelligence platform tailored for legal professionals. Unlike other AI platforms trained on general internet data, the startup, founded by Winston Weinberg and Gabriel Pererya, used a large language model containing legal-specific datasets and case

First up, we learn this from Legal Futures. Thomson Reuters unveils plans to deploy CoCounsel as AI assistant across its entire portfolio Thomson Reuters today (17 April) announced plans to deploy its gen AI assistant CoCounsel across its entire product portfolio, including launching its first gen AI product for tax professionals. TR said that CoCounsel will

Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Campbell issued an advisory (“Advisory”) warning to developers, suppliers, and users of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making systems (collectively, “AI”) about their respective obligations under the Massachusetts’ Consumer Protection Act, Anti-Discrimination Law, Data Security Law and related regulations. There is not much surprising here, as the Advisory addresses many of the

Earlier this month, lawmakers released a discussion draft of a proposed federal privacy bill, the American Privacy Rights Act of 2024 (the “APRA”).  While the draft aims to introduce a comprehensive federal privacy statute for the U.S., it contains some notable provisions that could potentially affect the development and use of artificial intelligence systems.  These