I know when you’ve used AI in your writing … because your voice sounds like everybody else.

And when everyone’s voice starts to sound the same, it’s cause for concern. It signifies a loss of individuality and creativity, which can lead to stifling authentic connections and diluting the richness of human expression.

Let me be clear, I’m a huge proponent of using AI to communicate more concisely and work more efficiently. But embracing authentic communication is at the core of my work. So I’ve been exploring ways to keep my unique voice consistent, even when collaborating with AI. Here’e my advice:

 Without using AI, use stream of consciousness writing to pull out the words that best describe your voice. Choose the words that resonate most.

Again, without any help from AI, write a short paragraph. It can be about anything but I would advise relating it to what you use AI to communicate most about.

Save the words that best describe your style and your written paragraph and make it part of your prompts. For example, “Please summarize this article using a voice that is [insert your words here]. Use [insert paragraph here] as an example of my writing.

🌟 CHATGPT-4 pro-tip: Use the “Customize Instructions” feature to add this in so that every response automatically considers this. 🌟

If responses don’t feel right, play with your prompts by refining the way you describe tone, offering context, and requesting revisions. This is the nuanced dance between technology and humanity that unfolds. Each step builds towards an AI response that doesn’t merely mimic but resonates with human expression.

The convergence of voices into one monotonous sound risks the very fabric that binds us as social beings, depriving us of the richness of human expression. It reminds us that the preservation of our individual voices is not just a stylistic preference but a fundamental necessity for a thriving society and professional community.

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