Law Firm Marketing & Management

Reading, reviewing, and crafting discovery responses isn’t just tedious—it’s downright time-consuming. But for legal professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) enables firms to work smarter, not harder. MyCase has partnered with Briefpoint to help firms save time on discovery documents by eliminating repetitive work required for responses. 
What is Briefpoint?
Briefpoint is a time-saving tool that automates

Converting webinars into thought leadership articles people will read requires more than simply polishing and publishing a webinar’s transcript.

Today, webinars are still important marketing and business development tools for attorneys and law firms, even though there might be fewer webinars today than there were during arguably the peak of webinars: the COVID-19 pandemic in

Word-of-mouth is still king when it comes to building a professional services practice but the pathway for new business is tortuous. Scarcity of time plus an abundance of choice means decision-makers take shortcuts to reduce their search effort. Anthropologists call it ‘information foraging’ (Pirolli & Card, 1999) and it affects how you profile your practice and how business

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a transformative force in the legal industry. From the initial adoption of digital workflows in SaaS platforms to the cutting-edge capabilities of generative AI, legal AI is evolving at an unprecedented pace. This evolution is reshaping the fundamentals of how legal professionals operate, and knowing how