Technology is no longer optional in the practice of law, but figuring out what solutions your firm needs can be a daunting task. Here are six podcast episodes that can help you leverage support and guidance on your tech journey, understand the latest tools, and propel your practice forward.

Find Someone to Help You Find the Right Tech Solutions

Many attorneys recoil at the thought of picking out new tech, but what if you didn’t have to do it alone? The reality is—you don’t have to. Many bar associations offer consulting for members on technology, ethics, starting a new business, and tools that can increase your efficiency and profits. Check out the April 2023 episode of New Solo, where a dynamic duo of practice management advisors, Adriana Linares and Catherine Sanders Reach, highlighted the many services and resources bar associations typically offer for free to their members.

What About Product Demos? 

If, however, you choose to research legal tech products on your own, scheduling a product demo could be another avenue for making your legal tech picks. Demos give you the chance to sit back and see the product in action while an expert guides you through its potential for meeting your law firm’s needs. Sounds great, right? Well, it certainly can be, but that doesn’t let you off the hook entirely. 

Legal Toolkit host Jared Correia recently welcomed Andreas Becker of Lawyaw in August 2023 to chat about the importance of doing your own research before even thinking about scheduling a demo. Why? Because if you aren’t prepared to ask meaningful questions throughout the process, you will most likely fail to truly nail down the problem you’d like to solve. 

Listen to this episode as Jared and Andreas discuss demos. As an added bonus, you’ll get Jared’s remarkably insightful monologue on the KPIs you should track to improve your business.

AI is the Tech Solution of the Future

Automation can do so much to lighten your workload when you have tasks that are repeated over and over. Creating automated workflows saves you time and money and makes your clients happier as well. You have an ethical responsibility to deliver legal services without undue delay, so business should be conducted efficiently.

If daily tasks are bogging you down, and you just can’t seem to get the growth you’re looking for in your firm, the June 2023 edition of The UnBillable Hour with Christopher Anderson and guest Sam Mollaei has plenty of nuggets of wisdom to offer you. Their discussion on Sam’s approach to creating scalable law firms highlighted several innovative uses for new tools and technologies. 

Because of our increasingly digital existence, data sets are larger than they’ve ever been, but AI can filter out the noise and zero in on the content you’re looking for in moments. Digital Detectives hosts Sharon Nelson and John Simek recently talked with Andy Wilson in their April 2023 episode about this very topic.

In regard to massive, messy data sets, Andy explains AI’s capabilities, “…algorithms will analyze and categorize conversations, identify patterns, even pinpoint relevant keywords and phrases. So, all that chaos of chatter is no longer chaotic and it’s easily discoverable.”

Here’s the full episode:

It’s Up to You to Keep Your Tech Current

If you’ve curated the perfect tech solutions for your practice, that’s great, but they won’t stay perfect forever. Lawyers need to create a schedule for maintaining and updating their technology to avoid potential pitfalls. Dennis and Tom of the Kennedy-Mighell Report are so invested in preventative maintenance that they’ve released two podcasts dealing with the how’s and why’s of keeping your technology current. 

Outdated tech poses problems not only for law firm efficiency, but also gives cause for both security and ethics concerns. These episodes discuss how to think differently about tech to understand the tools and processes for both the physical and digital upkeep of your technology. 

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