Unlock the secrets to a future-proof hiring strategy with Jonathan Whistman, the mastermind behind PerceptionPredict.ai and WhoHire.com, who joins The Employment Experience Podcast with his game-changing insights on AI in recruitment. As we dissect the role of AI in crafting effective teams, Jonathan sheds light on the innovative use of predictive modeling and psychographics to revolutionize the hiring landscape, promising a more nuanced approach to employee selection that transcends traditional assessments. 

Venture into the heart of pattern recognition and learn how AI is pinpointing the perfect candidates for any role, without the cloud of bias. Join us and discover how Jonathan’s technology is redefining success measures in the workplace, focusing on core psychographics over conventional resume evaluations. We’ll reveal how this focus on core psychographics leads to fairer, more successful employment outcomes and ponder the wider implications for industries like home services, where AI stands poised to transform operations despite its hands-on essence. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a hiring manager, or simply curious about the future of AI in the workforce, this episode is packed with wisdom to guide your strategies and open your mind to the endless possibilities of AI-assisted hiring.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • AI and the future of hiring
  • AI and pattern recognition in hiring
  • Using AI in hiring processes and mitigating biases
  • AI’s impact on hiring and winning teams
  • Reshaping industries with AI and home services

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