Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm, and many legal professionals are learning how to leverage it to their advantage. In fact, the Future Ready Lawyer 2023 survey, which surveyed over 700 legal professionals, found that 73% of respondents expect to integrate generative AI into their legal work within the next year. As the legal industry learns how to adopt AI technology, MyCase has partnered with Clearbrief AI to empower legal professionals to quickly draft legal briefs and conduct discovery analysis. 

What is Clearbrief?

Clearbrief is an AI-assisted legal brief writing and discovery analysis solution. Using Clearbrief, legal professionals can save hours of billable time and instantly produce and review legal documents. This platform has been enthusiastically adopted by litigators from firms small and large since its conception in 2021. 

“It sounded too good to be true, but we decided to give it a try. My concerns were woefully misplaced. The ability of this product to scan and interpret extensive documents is beyond astounding. Assembling references and citations, which used to take hours, can now be done in minutes.” 

– Brewster Rawls, Partner at Rawls Law Group

How Does the Integration Work?

With the MyCase and Clearbrief integration, documents from MyCase sync to Clearbrief, enabling firms to create their own custom, secure AI dataset. 

The Top Benefits of MyCase and Clearbrief 

  • Prepare for Court With AI-Powered Discovery Analysis: With Clearbrief, lawyers can scan opposing counsel briefs to look for factual weaknesses, uncover hearsay, and find other inadmissible evidence.
  • Save Time by Reducing Tedious Work: There are several ways to save time with Cleafbrief. For example, the platform can determine which pages and documents have been cited and instantly generate a PDF of exhibits. In addition, Clearbrief can instantly compile a perfectly formatted table of authorities with a single click (including hyperlinks.) This can save hours of time spent manually tagging cases.
  • Ensure Accuracy With Cite-Checking: Firms can now review and verify the accuracy of all citations contained in a legal brief or memorandum. Additionally, Clearbrief also enables legal professionals to add fact citations to documents.
  • Easily Visualize Case Timelines: AI can extract all dates, summarize what has occurred, and build a link to the exact source for legal professionals to review and edit in Mircosoft Word.


Win More Cases and Get Ahead With MyCase and Clearbrief 

Ready to see what your firm can accomplish with this powerful AI? Learn more about Clearbrief here and request a 10-day free trial of MyCase here

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