Marketing, advertising and most specifically product placement will never go away, but some of the traditional means of marketing will fade.  Today we peek into what one company is doing to lead the way for advertisers to market via product placement inside of video post production.  Think about all of the time that is involved in placing a can of soda on the table in the middle of a movie, while the story is being told.  The lighting, angle, position, all have to be considered during that shoot.  Now it can be done digitally after the actors are long gone.  On the program we have the Chief Marketing Officer from Rembrand.  Cory Treffiletti is helping people understand the power of leveraging a leading programmatic product placement platform. 

We discuss how marketing uses AI to generate memorable, natural, effective product placement in digital video. The goal was to dive into his insights into artificial intelligence, marketing technology, and high-scale SaaS software.