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Editor’s Note: In this April 2024 edition of “Vendor Voices in eDiscovery,” we present a curated collection of the latest innovations, insights, and industry developments from across the eDiscovery landscape. From groundbreaking technological solutions to strategic corporate moves and thought-provoking discussions on AI ethics, this edition equips professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly advancing field. We invite you to explore the latest innovations, industry developments and thought leadership to stay at the forefront of the eDiscovery sector.

April 20, 2024, Update

Vendor Voices in eDiscovery: Innovations, Insights, and Industry Shifts

ComplexDiscovery Staff

In the April 2024 edition of “Vendor Voices in eDiscovery,” we present a curated collection of the latest innovations, insights, and industry developments across the eDiscovery landscape. This edition is designed to provide cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly advancing field.

Headlining the technological innovations is HaystackID’s M365 with HaystackID Suite, a groundbreaking solution designed to maximize the potential of Microsoft 365 for enhancing organizational productivity and security. KLDiscovery’s enhancements to ReadySuite® 8 also take center stage, marking a significant milestone in legal document processing by streamlining operations and fortifying data handling capabilities.

On the corporate front, Ricoh’s strategic divestment of its eDiscovery Services to Array underscores a shift towards hybrid workplace solutions, aligning services more closely with the evolving needs of legal teams. ArcherHall’s acquisition of Shepherd Data Services highlights a strategic expansion aimed at enriching its digital forensics and eDiscovery offerings, positioning the company for growth in an increasingly competitive market.

As AI continues to advance, the ethical challenges it poses in legal settings have become a focal point of discussion. The April 2024 edition explores this critical topic in depth, while also highlighting the launch of specialized practices, such as Lighthouse’s Antitrust Practice, which illustrates the industry’s proactive response to complex regulatory environments and the growing demand for specialized legal expertise.

Leadership transitions, like CS Disco’s strategic move to bolster its direction and growth, signal new chapters focused on enhancing operational capabilities and expanding market reach. These changes reflect the constant drive for innovation and adaptability within the eDiscovery sector.

Initiatives such as Nextpoint’s educational partnership with the eDiscovery Today blog underscore the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the eDiscovery community. This partnership aims to foster greater resource development and information exchange, strengthening the industry’s collective knowledge base.

Noteworthy publications, including EDRM’s GDPR guidelines, provide essential resources for navigating the complexities of cross-border eDiscovery. These guidelines offer invaluable insights into managing the intersection of U.S. litigation and European data protection laws, empowering professionals to effectively handle the challenges posed by an increasingly globalized legal landscape.

The April 2024 edition of “Vendor Voices in eDiscovery” serves as a vital resource, equipping professionals with the knowledge and insights needed to stay at the forefront of the eDiscovery field. By keeping abreast of the latest innovations, industry developments, and thought leadership, professionals can confidently tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

HaystackID® Launches the M365 with HaystackID Suite to Maximize Microsoft 365® Investments

HaystackID, a specialized data services company solving business data challenges related to legal, compliance, regulatory, and cyber events, today announced the launch of the M365 with HaystackID Suite, a comprehensive offering designed to help organizations unlock Microsoft 365’s full potential for enhanced productivity, collaboration, and security. The M365 with HaystackID Suite helps organizations migrate, organize, protect, ready, and discover with Microsoft 365 by leveraging a range of services and solutions for archive migration, records management, data loss prevention and data classification, Microsoft Copilot readiness, and more.

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Ricoh Refocuses on Hybrid Workplace Solutions with Sale of eDiscovery Services to Array

Ricoh USA, Inc., a frontrunner in integrated digital services and print and imaging solutions, announced today the sale of its eDiscovery Services division to Array, a comprehensive litigation support company. This strategic move reshapes the landscape of legal services and solutions, enabling both entities to offer more specialized services that meet the evolving needs of legal teams.

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The eDiscovery M&A Chronicles: 2024’s Early Moves and a Two-Decade Recap

In this report, we offer a multi-faceted view of the eDiscovery industry’s merger, acquisition, and investment activities, tracing the evolution of the sector from 2001 through April 2024. From the strategic movements defining Q1 2024 to the five-year trends shaping the rhythm of the industry and culminating with an expansive two-decade overview, our analysis provides critical insights across different temporal scopes. 

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Lighthouse Launches Antitrust Practice Alongside Innovative Technology Offerings

Lighthouse, a leader in technology-enabled eDiscovery, compliance, and information governance services, announced today the launch of its new antitrust practice and related technology offerings. The Lighthouse Antitrust Practice—composed of attorneys, technologists, linguists, eDiscovery project managers, and document review consultants and staff—develops and uses technology that reshapes the way corporations and their law firms manage antitrust compliance, including merger clearance, competitor disputes, and regulatory compliance.

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KLDiscovery Announces Major Expansion of Capabilities in ReadySuite® 8

KLDiscovery Inc. (“KLDiscovery”), a leading global provider of technology solutions for eDiscovery, information governance, and data management, announces a major expansion of capabilities in ReadySuite® 8. The software is long known for streamlining the way legal technologists view, modify, and validate load files for legal document production. ReadySuite 8 expands the product’s reach, allowing users to quickly and defensibly collect and prepare messaging data for attorney review and production.

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Cimplifi™ Adds Relativity Contracts as Part of CI Contracts Offering

Cimplifi, an integrated eDiscovery services and contract analytics provider, unveiled today the expansion of its CI Contracts offering, through the addition of Relativity Contracts.

As part of its legal services offering, Cimplifi provides AI-driven contract review services. The CI Contracts process combines the best-of-breed eDiscovery technologies and contract analytics tools to deliver an expedited contract portfolio assessment for large-scale contract review. By harnessing Relativity Contracts, CI Contracts significantly diminishes the workforce and hours needed for projects, optimizing the advantages and functionality of the software.

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ArcherHall Has Acquired Shepherd Data Services

ArcherHall® has acquired Shepherd Data Services®, a Minneapolis-based e-discovery and digital forensics service provider to law firms, corporations, and government agencies.

Founded by a former litigator in 2002, Shepherd Data magnifies the power of RelativityOne® with exceptional service and unmatched attention to detail. Integrating the best technologies with efficient, defensible workflow and processes provides a completely responsive solution to their clients’ project requirements.

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CS Disco Appoints Eric Friedrichsen as CEO

CS Disco, Inc. (“DISCO”) (NYSE: LAW) announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Eric Friedrichsen as President and Chief Executive Officer and as a member of its Board of Directors. Friedrichsen will succeed current CEO Scott Hill, who will take the position of Board Chair on the Board of Directors and assist Friedrichsen in transitioning to his new role. The appointment follows a multi-month CEO search focused on identifying a leader with experience scaling businesses, leading high-functioning organizations, and building strong company cultures.

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X1 Appoints Legal Technology Pioneer Rob Lekowski as Chief Revenue Officer

X1®, the global leader in index-in-place data discovery software for legal, compliance, investigations and productivity, today announced the appointment of Rob Lekowski as the company’s new Chief Revenue Officer. As CRO, he will apply his extensive industry expertise to further accelerate growth of X1’s data discovery solutions, expand and enhance value for customers and lead X1’s sales strategy and team.

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TCDI Welcomes Four New Members to the Legal Services Team

TCDI, a leader in legal services, software, and cybersecurity, is excited to announce the addition of four new members to its legal services team: John O’Connor, Sue Fong, Courtney Schlesinger, and Mark Redmayne. These new hires mark a significant step in TCDI’s ongoing mission to enhance client engagement across the nation.

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KLDiscovery Investments Lead to a Record-Breaking Year in 2023

KLDiscovery Inc. (“KLDiscovery” or the “Company”), a global leader in data management, information governance, eDiscovery, and advisory services solutions, proudly announces a landmark year in 2023, characterized by the highest revenue attainment and EBITDA in Company history. Ongoing investments in people, processes, technology, acquisitions, and innovative programs gave rise to this remarkable performance.

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EDRM Publishes Final GDPR Guidelines for Cross-Border eDiscovery

The release of EDRM’s “General Data Protection Regulation Cross-Border Discovery Guidelines” marks an important resource development for understanding and transiting the intersection of U.S. litigation and European data protection laws. As global data flows continue to increase, the complexity and risk associated with cross-border legal discovery have escalated, particularly with the stringent requirements of the GDPR.

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eDiscovery Economics: Analyzing Recent DSO, MRR, and Revenue Distribution Trends

In this comprehensive report, we delve into the key financial indicators defining the eDiscovery industry’s landscape: Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), and Revenue Distribution across customer bases. Through a macro analysis of survey data from Spring 2023 to Winter 2024, collected from the well-established and authoritative eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey conducted by ComplexDiscovery OÜ, we unravel the trends, challenges, and strategic imperatives critical for eDiscovery professionals. Since its inception, the survey has been administered 33 times, drawing approximately 100 respondents per iteration and amassing a total of 3,249 responses.

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From Bytes to Bench: Leveraging Digital Forensics in the Litigation Lifecycle (Complete Legal)

Digital Forensics refers to the practice of identifying, extracting, preserving, and analyzing evidence from digital devices in a way that is legally admissible. This field covers a broad range of digital devices, including, but not limited to, computers, iPhones, Androids, tablets, and even emerging Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Digital Forensics includes collecting Electronically Store Information (ESI) such as call logs, emails and attachments, text messages, social media, file share drives, software and business tools, photos, and location history. Complete Legal organizes all of those digital communications into one easily searchable database, saving you time and hassle. Easily pinpoint the communication you need, whether it’s by date, location, keyword, or person. Within legal and corporate settings, data collection and forensic examination plays a critical role in resolving disputes, supporting compliance efforts and is an integral part of the litigation lifecycle.

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EDRM’s Project on Generative AI Establishes Goals and Welcomes Additional Contributors

The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), leading the way for global best practices in e-discovery is pleased to announce the Generative AI Project is actively recruiting contributors. Those with an interest in addressing Generative AI through a legal lens are welcome to join. The project will be led by Co-Project Trustees Dr. Maura R. Grossman, Research Professor at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and Principal at Maura Grossman Law (Buffalo, NY) and Matthew Golab, Director Legal Informatics and R+D at Gilbert + Tobin (Sydney, Australia).

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ComplexDiscovery launches Spring 2024 Business Confidence Survey for eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information governance professionals (Emerging Europe)

ComplexDiscovery, a leader in delivering insights on cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery, has launched its Spring 2024 Business Confidence Survey.

Now in its 34th iteration, this highly recognised quarterly survey seeks to capture the viewpoints of professionals, shedding light on current business confidence and trends within the data management ecosystem, focusing on the creation, delivery, and consumption of eDiscovery products and services. 

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Relativity Welcomes Kirk Larsen as Chief Financial Officer

Relativity, a global legal technology company, today announced the appointment of Kirk Larsen as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), effective April 16. Larsen brings more than three decades of financial leadership experience and an exceptional track record in scaling SaaS companies and building long-term value creation through strategic financial planning, capital allocation, and mergers and acquisitions.

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Exterro Hires Rick Valentine as New Chief Customer Officer

Exterro, the leading provider of data risk management software solutions, today announced the appointment of Rick Valentine, an expert in delivering world-class customer experiences at global organizations, as its new chief customer officer. The appointment reflects Exterro’s long-term commitment to delivering an outstanding experience and return on investment to all customers using its data risk management platform. Valentine will report directly to Exterro CEO Bobby Balachandran. 

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[Webcast Transcript] Getting Things Done with GAI (HaystackID)

During this webcast, industry leaders discussed using generative AI (GAI) in the legal and cybersecurity fields. The speakers, John Brewer, Anya Korolyov, Chris Wall, and Bernie Gabin, all experts in AI and data science, discussed the safe and responsible use of GAI, the implications of information governance, and the potential privacy issues.

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Nextpoint Announces Educational Partnership with eDiscovery Today

Nextpoint, a leading provider of transformative software & services for all law-kind, announced today an educational partnership with Doug Austin’s eDiscovery Today blog, the only daily blog for electronic discovery, information governance, cybersecurity, data privacy and artificial intelligence trends, best practices and case law.

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Where to Launch in 2024: A Global Analysis of Startup Opportunities and Challenges

In an era marked by rapid economic shifts, Business Name Generator’s latest report provides an excellent analysis of the startup ecosystem across 52 countries for 2024. This comprehensive document is an important tool for cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals, offering strategic insights into the economic, regulatory, and technological landscapes that influence global entrepreneurial activities. Highlighting regions such as the Nordics and Baltics—where innovation, digital preparedness, and supportive government policies converge—it identifies fertile ground for startups. This analysis is invaluable for stakeholders aiming to make well-informed decisions, aligning with both current trends and future prospects in the complex international marketplace.

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A Running List: Top 100+ eDiscovery Providers

The “Top 100+ Provider” compilation represents a meticulously curated aggregation of insights derived from authoritative reports and analyses within the eDiscovery ecosystem. This resource offers a refined selection of eDiscovery providers, aimed at assisting professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery in identifying and acquiring premier eDiscovery software and services. Predominantly informed by mentions within critical industry reports and surveys from August 2011 to the current day, this list has been thoughtfully updated to accommodate the dynamic landscape of industry mergers and acquisitions. While not exhaustive, this compilation serves as a comprehensive guide, spotlighting vendors that have achieved widespread recognition for their technological leadership and innovation in the realm of eDiscovery.

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Stay Ahead in 2024: A Concise List of eDiscovery Events (Running Update)

The workplace and workspace environments have evolved significantly in recent years, leading to a decrease in traditional office meeting opportunities. This shift has necessitated the need for legal, business, and information technology professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery to seek alternative avenues for education, awareness, and demand-generation opportunities. This update provides a non-exhaustive list of eDiscovery-related events, conferences, and meetings that are scheduled to take place in 2024. This list serves as a valuable starting point for individuals and organizations looking to stay informed and engaged in the eDiscovery space.

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Alan N. Sutin is Chair of the firm’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice and Senior Chair of the Global Intellectual Property & Technology Practice. An experienced business lawyer with a principal focus on commercial transactions with intellectual property and technology issues and privacy

Alan N. Sutin is Chair of the firm’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications Practice and Senior Chair of the Global Intellectual Property & Technology Practice. An experienced business lawyer with a principal focus on commercial transactions with intellectual property and technology issues and privacy and cybersecurity matters, he advises clients in connection with transactions involving the development, acquisition, disposition and commercial exploitation of intellectual property with an emphasis on technology-related products and services, and counsels companies on a wide range of issues relating to privacy and cybersecurity. Alan holds the CIPP/US certification from the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Alan also represents a wide variety of companies in connection with IT and business process outsourcing arrangements, strategic alliance agreements, commercial joint ventures and licensing matters. He has particular experience in Internet and electronic commerce issues and has been involved in many of the major policy issues surrounding the commercial development of the Internet. Alan has advised foreign governments and multinational corporations in connection with these issues and is a frequent speaker at major industry conferences and events around the world.