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Editor’s Note: Defense AI startup Helsing GmbH has raised €450 million in a Series C funding round, valuing the company at €4.95 billion. Led by General Catalyst and other prominent investors, this funding will support Helsing’s R&D and expansion along NATO’s eastern flank. The company’s advanced AI solutions aim to enhance modern weapons systems and

Editor’s Note: The tech industry is facing intensified scrutiny as recent events underscore the critical importance of data privacy and cybersecurity. Nyob, a prominent privacy advocacy group, has lodged a formal complaint against Xandr, a Microsoft subsidiary, for severe breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This complaint reveals significant shortcomings in Xandr’s compliance

Editor’s Note: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has intensified its focus on the multifamily rental sector, specifically targeting RealPage’s price-setting software. This software has been at the center of controversy, accused of facilitating rental price inflation and potential collusion. The recent FBI raid on Cortland’s Atlanta headquarters, a significant player in the rental market,

Editor’s Note: As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to reshape the insurance industry, it brings a host of legal and regulatory challenges that professionals must navigate. This article delves into the imminent wave of regulatory scrutiny and potential litigation facing insurers as they adopt AI technologies. It emphasizes the necessity for insurers to prioritize fairness and

Editor’s Note: Regulatory frameworks across the globe are increasingly influencing the pace and scope of innovation. In a recent development, Meta’s ambitious AI expansion has encountered significant resistance in Europe and the United States due to privacy concerns and regulatory hurdles. This article explores the implications of these challenges for the broader tech industry, particularly

Editor’s Note: Five Great Reads is a monthly newsletter that focuses on cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery. The publication selects five top articles to keep legal, business, and technology professionals informed about key developments in cyber discovery, data discovery, and legal discovery. Published by ComplexDiscovery OÜ, a digital publication that delivers insights on digital events

Editor’s Note: This concise article offers cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery professionals a valuable snapshot of the current cyber threat landscape, particularly concerning China. It efficiently highlights key strategic insights, regulatory considerations, and technological trends crucial for these professionals. By touching on collective defense strategies, data protection needs, incident response lessons, and the importance of

Editor’s Note: June 2024 saw significant developments in eDiscovery, cybersecurity, and information governance. Key highlights included TikTok’s enhanced data security measures, strategic acquisitions and expansions by firms like ArcherHall and Cimplifi, and innovative AI-powered solutions from industry leaders such as Relativity and Hanzo. The eDiscovery market’s projected growth to $22.65 billion by 2028 is driving

Editor’s Note: This article provides a detailed overview of the Chambers and Partners 2024 eDiscovery Litigation Support Guide, highlighting the rankings of leading eDiscovery service providers and professionals. It examines the current state and future prospects of the eDiscovery market, addressing both challenges and opportunities. The insights offered in this article are particularly significant for