When Colin Levy speaks, the wise listen. His recent LinkedIn post on keeping up with the intersection of technology and the practice of law has his usual quota of good ideas. Here are some thoughts on a few of the references:

The Legal Tech Ecosystem (Book) (My review).
Colinslevy.com (Website)
Is Levy wrong to open (and close) this list with references to his book and website? Modesty vs. Honesty? I’d be the last to argue with his list.

Tomorrow’s Lawyers (Book).
Can’t go wrong with prophet Richard Susskind.

Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools (Book)
This is one of the best legal tech books published in the past decade. Lauritsen doesn’t tell you what to think. He teaches you how to think.

On Legal AI Book)
AI for Lawyers (Book)
Not familiar with these two. They are now on my reading list.

Lawnext.com (Website)
Bob Ambrogi’s home on the web is a must-follow.

The Rest of Levy’s list:
Legal Evolution (Website)
The Artificial Lawyer (Website)
Legal Technology Hub (Website)
Legal.io (Website)

Levy’s Parting Shot: Pure Gold

Levy closes the post with this suggestion. It’s probably the single most important thing most lawyers can do to improve their productivity:

Experiment with tools you currently use, like some of the myriad of functions offered by Word and Excel (and others like PowerBI and PowerAutomate also within the Office 365 suite). Often you may be underutilizing the tools you already use.