Rat is going about this Easter Duty thing all wrong. Or, is he? Marcus Aurelius tells us we need to accept that, every day, we will encounter people who are: “nosy, ungrateful, deceitful, arrogant, envious, and unsocial..” But, they are our fellow humans, and we shouldn’t be angry with them just because they haven’t seen the light. Of course, the Christian theologians disagree. We not only need to accept them; but we have to forgive them and do penance if we fail to do so. I have to say that I am with Rat on this one. It sounds to me like the Church has created the perfect system for controlling everyone’s behavior. So, during this Holy Week, I will accept the idiots; but I will do my best to avoid them. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fenewspaper.tampabay.com%2Finfinity%2Farticle_popover_share.aspx%3Fguid%3D1a3c5757-bc8b-6b73-72e9-accde6903e88%26share%3Dtrue%26fbclid%3DIwAR3IDrUcDloztWR7OlwhqQ0lDMaFIluZ2_ZvS7Tb1Ha2n0nynSOKuO-NUy0_aem_AW5TFd_gPj2s0_JjFL_jbQHIIxrHM3K3Xn42Z7vqirzzQS_fIValz36LAVkJ3_g6WTCjNiEwvCGPPNVSQzv1UhkW&h=AT2DllF-QMARok9I8NMS4jp7-Ihhf2cwOxNAB-8bg7SHcKg9I5CYz0WEq1n1ai243a3Ld9zuUNpJICIXF9i8JjyaHV-IaQx3ViGZMof_92mk7DbJnw6Aco9F6o_Y_2aIJg&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT0AdCDuhm5oNx9y6k09A28HAla3FDzef2vZg4o7mA6I32w0la3G9opTUZpJWHKgdu98x0fFwWxIWHqyIWlj_0NZXvp1qeHxtir3BXy1xZF2QVh7FVcUu9Mso3BQJ5VbQSIOEA-LS8vwRzcHADpKrB8Uix0