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The current debate about the efficacy and value of generative AI, evidenced by the use of Open AI’s Chat GPT, and other Large Language Models (LLMs) caused me to consider one of Marcus Aurelius’ quotes. If the AI is making conclusions and analysis on the writings of millions of words by millions of humans, isn’t

Rat is going about this Easter Duty thing all wrong. Or, is he? Marcus Aurelius tells us we need to accept that, every day, we will encounter people who are: “nosy, ungrateful, deceitful, arrogant, envious, and unsocial..” But, they are our fellow humans, and we shouldn’t be angry with them just because they haven’t seen

The work from home craze, as we all know, began as a necessity when COVID 19 hit in 2020. But, it gave me an opportunity to work on my desire to equip an RV with the equipment to allow for law practice on wheels. When I purchased a used RV in 2021, I began to