What do I mean when I say be yourself, be genuine, and add value on social media?

In my last video I talked about the contrast between being yourself on social media and using AI to post and comment for you.

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AI Can’t Be You

If you are a service provider, like a lawyer, accountant, or consultant, you are getting paid by your clients to give them advice, help them resolve their problems, and provide guidance. Your clients want to hear from you. They want your perspective, your stories, your opinions, your experience, your compassion and understanding.

Sometimes they may need you to tell them what they don’t want to hear, but to do it in a way that they can hear it and accept it.

AI can provide and analyze data, and it may even be able to generate ideas about how to solve problems. But it can’t bring your personal touch, your perspective, and your experience. That’s how you add value.