Law Practice Achieves Modern Service With Kofax PDF Advanced. Every now and then, I google myself. It isn’t a vanity play; although, I have been accused of it, on occasion. But, I am always surprised by something, and, today, I was surprised to find that I was the subject of a case study for my chosen PDF applications, Kofax PDF Advanced. I have no issue with this, as I have always recommended the software, from the days it was owned by Nuance, then Kofax, and, now, apparently by a company called Tungsten Automation. But, they used a photo of some nameless guy above a quote by me. I have emailed them with a couple of images of the real FutureLawyer. If my words are being used to sell the product, I would prefer they use my real face. Do you agree? Or, am I too scary to contemplate? 🙂

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