The work from home craze, as we all know, began as a necessity when COVID 19 hit in 2020. But, it gave me an opportunity to work on my desire to equip an RV with the equipment to allow for law practice on wheels. When I purchased a used RV in 2021, I began to outfit it with an office chair, Starlink Satellite Internet, T-Mobile cellular Internet, a big screen monitor, and various peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse, etc. Now, as I travel around Florida and see the sights on long weekends, I can ply my trade from afar. Note: How I do it, and what software, computers, and other equipment I use, will be described in my upcoming book, “RV Lawyer”, which is at the printer as we speak. Unlike the poetry book, you have to buy this one to help me defray expenses. It isn’t intended to be an educational treatise. It is just one lawyer’s attempt to be able to get away from the office, but still be productive, if I want to be. Remote Tech Cover Image Final (2) (1) Remote Tech Cover Image Final (2) (1)