Do you have trouble finding content ideas?

An editorial calendar can help you manage, track, and publish content consistently, but how do you come up with those content ideas in the first place?

Try looking at the calendar.

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Seasons, Holidays and Events

The season: Are there specific topics or themes related to the season you can play off of?

For example, in winter, personal injury attorneys might post about winter driving tips to avoid an accident. If it’s spring, real estate attorneys might post about spring cleaning your home to get ready to list it for sale.

Specific holidays: Are there any holidays this month you can create content around? These can be nationally recognized holidays such as Memorial Day or Independence Day, or just fun holidays, like National Beer Day or Kentucky Derby Day.

If you’re in animal law, you might choose to post something on or near big events like the Kentucky Derby or the National Dog Show to talk about legal issues involving animals. Or you might simply use a national holiday to create image posts on social media to celebrate or honor the holiday.

Industry events: What industry events are coming up that you could promote or that could provide content ideas?

For example, even if you are not attending or do not want to promote an event that is coming up in your industry, looking at the agenda, activities, or lists of speakers might give you some ideas about topics that are of interest to your audience that you can comment on.

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