I was struck by an entry at a site I follow for RV owners, which opined about this Memorial Day weekend. Apparently, this weekend is very popular for traveling in general, and, of course, for RV owners. The post contained this snippet:

“Memorial Day weekend ranks as one of the most dangerous holidays on our nation’s roads and waterways. It marks the unofficial start of summer, a period notorious for a surge in impaired driving crashes. More than 500 people were killed by impaired drivers over the holiday weekend in 2022 (according to the latest available data from NHTSA) — an alarming 4.6% increase in fatalities from 2021. To bolster safety, law enforcement agencies will be intensifying DUI checkpoints this coming weekend on both roads and waterways, targeting drunk driving to mitigate risks.”

I suppose that I am being a cautious old man, in that I am spending the weekend by the pool in the backyard, and will be having a two person BBQ while sipping my favorite single malt and going to baseball games downtown. If you are one of the millions out on the road, put the drink down, look both ways, and, for a little while, be cautious.