ChatGPT In Law. This post by Kevin O’Keefe highlights the current views of ChatGPT and its use in the practice of law. He quotes other lawyers, including me, as espousing the game changer argument. ChatGPT is an unqualified home run resource that should be consulted for all sorts of legal issues. The result should then be checked carefully for accuracy, as the bot can sometimes spout wrong answers. It is, after all, a compendium of information from human beings, all of whom are fallible. But, there is no denying the power of computer analysis of the mass of data that is used in answering questions of lawyers and other users. Rewrite it in your own style, and in the manner required by the current legal problem, and check any factual statements for accuracy with other resources. But, for the love of Zeus, use the power of the chatbot to distill millions of words into useful analysis of your particular problem.