I first posted this a couple of years ago, and, since then, I have published a small book about lawyering in an RV and pretty much anywhere. The technology and the pandemic has created  a perfect storm in which many of us are practicing our professions in locations away from a traditional office. 

“So, How Long Have You Been Practicing Law Out Of An RV?

Well, I am glad you asked that question; because, I became the FutureLawyer in the early Nineties, when I discovered that technology enabled me to practice law in places other than a small, drab office. I had RVs since the Eighties, nothing elaborate, I had a Class C coach at first, and graduated to a 27 foot Class A. The Class C sat behind my office next to the alley, and it occurred to me one day that it spent a lot of time out there doing nothing. I spent some fun days at the Fleamarket, and, as proof of concept, I wondered whether I could use my new portable computers, and printers to set up at the market. Suddenly, people were interested in my mobile practice, and a journalist, in 2001, working for Lawyer’s Weekly, contacted me to do an interview. This article, now memorialized in a plaque in the office, discusses my Cruise Ship seminars, and my FleaMarket period. I would park the RV at the fleamarket, and dispense advice about wills and estate planning to passersby. I had no idea that, as time passed, I realized that I enjoyed being able to do my job wherever I happened to be. I didn’t want to be rich. I wanted to be independent. Solo lawyering certainly doesn’t make you rich. But, practicing alone certainly makes you independent. Being mobile makes you a happy independent.”
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