I’m a tech lawyer specializing in tech company representation. And yes, I also represent AI companies. I understand the technology. I don’t know many lawyers using AI more aggressively in their legal practice than I am today. I may be the only lawyer who has developed and launched innovative AI tools for our clients. 

AI or Die. It’s That Simple. 

AI is coming for everyone. No one is safe, not even the lawyers. Some lawyers are going to be obsoleted by AI. The brightest lawyers will learn how to use the best AI tools and deliver better legal services to their clients in less time. AI will allow you to spend more time helping your clients build their businesses and make better strategic decisions. AI can allow lawyers to spend more time doing higher-level, more strategic work.

10X Your Legal Expertise With AI.

AI can and will 10X your legal abilities, but only if you know what tools to use and how to use them. I did a video recently about how lawyers can power up their AI game, and that video is linked in the description, and it blew up.

It turns out there are a lot of lawyers out there who want to learn more about AI and use AI in their practice today. I have a unique perspective and expertise, and I’m here to help you identify the right tools for your legal practice and to train you on those tools. Stick with me, and you will be in the top 1% of lawyers using AI to win for your clients and your law firm today. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing in-depth, step-by-step instructions on leveraging the best AI has to offer.

ChatGPT Plus For Lawyers & Law Firms

I am a GPT plus user. $20 a month. This helps me get privacy data privacy due to my use and gets me faster responses. You’re going to see it in a minute. We also use the API. That’s very important to maximize your privacy. To understand these settings, you can go here, data controls. You can clear your chat history, which will preclude them from using it as part of a training model. If you are concerned about inputting information into ChatGPT, go to this new tool here and say toggle this off; you do not want to save new chats or your history. You do not want to allow chat GPT to use your chat prompts and answers as part of training for power users to register with Openai.com and get an account with OpenAI. Learn how to Use ChatGPT today or your may be left behind.

OpenAI API Is Critical For Data Security and Privacy

The OpenAI account will allow you to get an API, which you will use for all the other tools we will be talking about. So you must have an OpenAI account. You must have a secret key. We will visit the API keys page to retrieve our secret key. You can get them quickly. You’re just going to pay for all tokens used through the API. It’s super cheap, almost nothing. This will allow you not only to plug into all these great tools. I’m going to show you your account settings here. You’re going to manage your account. You’re going to view your API keys. You’re going to invite team members. If you’re a company, you need a single login.

Your Law Firm Should Control the API

You will invite all the people on your team, employees or executives, to use the single account that’ll be paid for all the tokens paid for by the company. You want to control the use of the API keys. You want to ensure everyone in your company operates through the API for data privacy. Your members in your organization will have access to the API key. You’re going to set up your billing so that it can charge you and set up your payment method. You can get either through here, your API keys, or the sidebar. I will block this so you can’t see these secret keys. You want to keep these keys extremely secret. Do not let anyone else know what they are, all right? You can create a new secret key by clicking this button here and testing.

AI power tips for lawyers. Tip number two chat GPT sidebar.

My favorite tool thus far is the ChatGPT sidebar for GPT Plus users, meaning you have to be a $ 20-a-month user of Chat GPT, which you do. Here is my plan. I’m already upgraded, but if you weren’t, you can manage your subscriptions and go ahead and put in your credit card.

If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, you can download this sidebar. It will be an extension on your Chrome browser, and you will see it here. See where it is? Chat cheap sidebar. You want to pin that so that it’s always up here. Now, what can you do with the Chat GPT sidebar? The answer is lots of different things.

ChatGPT Side Bar PDF Analyzer

GPT Cybar has a new feature for PDF analysis, and Chat PDF is an all-in-one tool that allows AI to read and summarize documents. It can answer specific questions about the document, such as what orders were not complied with, and save attorneys significant time. This could be incredibly useful for attorneys, and Enrico, a technology attorney, provides training on the best AI tools for lawyers. He is helping to power up law practices by providing insight into the best AI tools available. Subscribers are encouraged to review previous videos and stay tuned for more reviews of AI tools in the coming months.

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